When I stopped blogging, I halfheartedly told myself that I’d start up again, although I knew even before I stopped that once I did it would be over. My blog had been perfectly organized for something like over twenty months: I always provided pictures to match my words (sometimes only pictures if I was lazy), I split up larger entries to make sure no one was overwhelmed by massive rolls of text, I updated every week, or every five days, or every three days, like clockwork, never missing a post. It was perfectly organized and five months into the project I was bored and kind of hated it but kept at it thanks to the force of momentum that was carrying me on, even as, with a couple of exceptions, the posts themselves began to lack any love or really any sort of notable effort at all; they grew stale and uninteresting and by the time I quit, with fifteen posts still in the queue, it felt more like I was putting the old thing out of its misery than taking an unfortunate but necessary break, as I pretended.

But in a sense the structured layout of my blog’s previous life reflected the (relatively) organized travel that I was recording. Either I was working, or studying, or executing and enjoying six weeks of meticulously planned travel. I was not doing what I am doing now. I am not really sure what “what I am doing now” even is yet.

Right now, I have no pictures to share (they are on my camera and will remain there until I return to the States). You will probably be overwhelmed by massive rolls of incoherent text. And I can make no promise that I’ll write again in the next week and certainly not in the next three days. But I hope that I can bring back some of the honest passion and storytelling that inspired me to write in the first place.

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This is an announcement of a hiatus.

While I love this blog and have put a lot into it over the past year and a half, suddenly being back on campus again — and having to squeeze in a year’s worth of academics into a semester while somehow maintaining something that resembles a healthy social life — has forced me to realize that I really ought to cut down on my responsibilities. This is something I’ve never done before — cut down, I mean — which can mean one of two things: 1) I have matured over the past year and have a better awareness of my capacities and more importantly, my limits 2) I really went for it this semester (and we’re barely into week 2), which is seriously saying something, because I’m a lot of things but a wimp when it comes to a challenge isn’t one of them. I don’t know which one of those it is, nor which one I want it to be.

You’ll see me again as India grows closer — and I still have a lot from this summer that I want to write about — but for the next couple months, it’s crunch time!

I can’t say I’m fond of the expression “hidden gem” and how it seems to be overused in travel writing (“this place is totally a hidden gem which is why I’m writing about it and now it won’t be hidden anymore!”) — particularly when I see it misused, as in “gem in the rough”, talk about mixing your metaphors — but I have to concede that if we were to take the idiom and apply it to national parks, White Sands would fit nicely. Each time I go all I can think is along the lines of WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS?! More importantly, why isn’t EVERYONE clamoring to be here right now!?


You can’t tell me you can look at that — miles on miles on miles of white sand dunes, soft and cool over your feet, absolute silence in a form we modern people rarely if ever get to find, and here, the sunset approaching in the distance — and not see something spectacular, even on the scale of America’s beautiful national parks.

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